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Accounts Payable

2016 Enterprise Content Management Report
Underwritten in part by KwikTag and OnBase. Table of Contents Introduction Introduction The amount of information that a company must manage, in many formats and from different sources, can be staggering. Properly managing this data is a challenge for companies of all sizes and industries, but it...

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Published July 25, 2016
p2p software news
Ariett & MineralTree Team Up to Provide Holistic P2P Solution
Two of our partners, Ariett and MineralTree, this week announced a strategic partnership to offer an integrated P2P solution. Payment processing will now be available within the Ariett application suite, delivered through MineralTree’s established platform. This will provide Ariett’s...

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Published July 22, 2016
healthcare epayables
ePayables for Healthcare
Underwritten in part by Nvoicepay. Introduction Today’s healthcare organizations face more challenges than those in other industries, especially regarding back-office processes. Due to changing governmental requirements for the industry’s financial processes, many hospitals, pharmaceutical compa...

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Published July 19, 2016
p2p masters
What the P2P Automation Masters Are Talking About
Financial process automation technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed, which means lots of changes ahead for P2P professionals like you. Automated technologies are transforming the economy, and the workforce, across industries. The movement toward automation now is somewhat different than i...

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Published July 14, 2016
outsourced mailroom service
An Outsourced Mailroom with Direct Data Entry Can Solve Your Broken AP Process
This post was contributed by featured guest, Mitch Taube. If your business can’t keep up with invoice processing, that can mean serious long-term trouble. The two common solutions – diverting human resources from other financial tasks to focus on the backlog and bringing on temporary staff t...

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Published July 12, 2016

"In this NASBA certified CPE webinar you will learn how visionary organizations are turning AP into a revenue generator, how to estimate potential revenue, how to onboard suppliers"

On-Demand Webinar:
NASBA Certified CPE Webinar: From Cost Center to Revenue Generator
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Puridiom SCDE Award
Puridiom Receives SDCE Top 100 Award
Puridiom, our valued partner and provider of procure-to-pay solutions and services, today announced that they have been selected as a recipient of a Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) Top 100 Award for 2016. The annual SDCE Top 100 awards go to supply chain projects that provide both inspi...

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Published June 29, 2016
procurement software
Ultimate Guide to eProcurement Software
What is eProcurement? Today’s procurement process involves coordinating many different components, such as budgeting, verifying product details, communicating with suppliers, creating competitive supplier agreements or contracts, monitoring order activity, maintaining proper receipt methods and re...

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Published June 8, 2016
p2p software news
SciQuest Launches Portfolio Savings Manager
SciQuest, spend management solutions provider and a valued partner to PayStream Advisors, yesterday announced the launch of their new Portfolio Savings Manager (PSM). PSM is a tool for organizations who need a dedicated, collaborative dashboard to measure the success of savings initiatives throu...

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Published May 17, 2016
cloud data security
Data Security in the Age of Digital Transformation
As corporations implement process automation tools to help provide visibility into more and more areas of the business, critical data is being moved from on-premise to cloud-based applications at increasing levels. The idea that there is a finite area with defined borders that houses our business d...

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Published May 13, 2016
responsive web design
Why Mobile eProcurement Matters for a Modern Workforce
Underwritten in part by Ariett. Introduction Cloud technology has become a critical part of back-office processes for today’s competitive organizations. With many Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) departments under pressure to be more productive and cost-efficient, employees are working from their mobile d...

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Published May 4, 2016
The Ultimate Guide to eSourcing Technology
eSourcing at a Glance Electronic sourcing (eSourcing) automates sourcing activities and enhances existing sourcing operations, strengthening buyer and supplier relationships and ensuring more efficient purchasing. From online platforms, organizations can access interactive sourcing events, competiti...

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Published April 22, 2016

Expense Management

Travel and Expense Management Software Data
2016 Travel and Expense Management Report
Underwritten in part by Certify, Chrome River, ExpenseAnywhere, Expenzing, Insperity, KDS, and Serko. Introduction Manual expense reporting, involving paper receipts, tedious expense report assembly, and lengthy approval periods, has always been a burden on traveling professionals. Over the last thi...

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Published July 11, 2016

"The Travel and Expense Management (TEM) market has grown exponentially in the past five years, with a wide array of automated functions now available. These features help manage a variety of processes, from pre-trip planning and booking, all the way through post-trip analysis. But which features are truly “must-haves” for your organization, and which can …"

On-Demand Webinar:
NASBA Certified CPE Webinar: Advancing Managed Travel
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employee fraud
Preventing Employee Fraud in Expense Management
In today’s fast-paced, globalized market, organizations are under increasing pressure to become more productive and efficient. Many companies have tried to reduce back-office costs and manage financial processes more efficiently as a means of maintaining their competitive edge. However, for organi...

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Published April 21, 2016

"Expense fraud is ubiquitous across organizations large and small. News headlines remind us that no one is immune – even top executives can be guilty"

On-Demand Webinar:
Expense Fraud: What Were They Thinking?
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The Surprising Profile of The Average Corporate Expense Fraudster
A slight ‘exaggeration’ of a tip left for a waiter at dinner with clients. A little bit of ’rounding up’ when you turn in your mileage report after a business trip. These expense claim fibs often seem isolated and fairly harmless to the employees that commit them. But in fac...

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Published April 14, 2016

"The reality is that in many organizations, the expense reporting process desperately needs to catch up to changing travel habits"

On-Demand Webinar:
Redefining Corporate Travel: The New Normal in TEM
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