2018 Payables Insight Report

How Modern Companies are Automating Payables, Improving Working Capital, and Leveraging Electronic Payments

When it comes to automating the payables process (including accounts payable and payments processing) a lot of organizations are aware of and on board with the value of payables management technology. However, that doesn’t mean that automating isn’t daunting for some companies, or that they don’t have questions like “How do we fix processes given our current state?” and “How do we know where to start?”
In order to help answer those questions, this report offers a holistic overview of payables management by discussing current management trends and providing a review of advanced payables automation software. The goal of this report is to provide organizations with a guide to understanding the current state of payables management among other North American organizations, and a set of benchmarks against which they can measure their own current state.


What you will learn:

  • Payables Management Trends Among North American Organizations
  • Features and Functionality of Payables Automation Software
  • Benchmarks for Assessing a Payables Current State
  • A Few Leading Payables Automation Software Providers
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