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PRO Unlimited

by PRO Unlimited

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Boca Raton, FL
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Web Based/Cloud
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About This Software

PRO Unlimited, through its purely vendor-neutral Managed Services Program (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) solutions, has helped F1000 organizations address the costs, risks, and quality issues associated with managing a global contingent workforce. Since PRO is not a staffing firm, there is clear understanding by all parties that PRO’s programs are purely vendor-neutral.

PRO’s unique model has consistently helped clients realize high adoption, improved quality, cost savings, and guaranteed satisfaction. Hiring managers, staffing firms, freelancers, independent contractors, and SOW/Project-based vendors participating in programs managed by PRO consistently cite the value of an integrated and purely vendor-neutral MSP/VMS. PRO recognizes that sourcing the right talent has and will continue to remain a competitive differentiator for many companies.

Industry categories range from Consulting, Financial Services, Technology, Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Automotive and Energy. PRO is strongest when working with organizations that have a large percentage of contingent labor that is made up of professional level mission-critical workers.

Awards Won:

  • Gartner: Cool Vendor in Procurement and Sourcing Technology
  • Ventana Research: Business Technology Leadership Award
  • Brandon Hall Group: Gold Award for Workforce Management Technology
  • Premier Inc.: Supplier Horizon Award for Operational Excellence (use of purely vendor-neutral model)
  • Glassdoor:  Top 50 “Best Small & Medium Companies to Work For in 2015” – (two time winner)
  • Most awards come directly from clients – some formally where PRO has achieved “Best Partner / Supplier award
  • Staffing Industry Analysts: For past 6 years, PRO recognized as one of 3 largest vendor neutral VMS/MSP providers globally.

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