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Product Details

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Year Founded
Web Based/Cloud
Software Type
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable

About This Software

Paybox’s cloud based working capital management platform for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables helps to streamline processes through automation. Our solution is hosted securely in Tier 4 data centers, and has real time connectivity to any ERP/financial system.
Our Accounts Payables offering provides a fully configurable workflow for invoice processing. Our platform ingests paper or emailed invoices through intelligent image capture and allows for vendors to submit invoices via portal. The self-service vendor portal allows for vendor management, new vendor registration, vendor verification, as well as invoice status and remittances.
Paybox provides an innovative end-to-end receivables platform that combines: Electronic invoicing, Online approvals and adjustments, Electronic payments, and Integration with any legacy AR system or lockbox platform. Data security is very important to us, we offer two factor authentication, and store customer credit card in a PCI compliant manner.

Key Accounts: IBM, Siemens, Shell, HP, Saint-Gobain, B/E Aerospace (UTC)

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