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by 8common

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Sydney, Australia
Year Founded
Web Based/Cloud
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Expenses Management

About This Software

expense8 ™ is owned by 8common (ASX: 8CO), expense8 is an Australian developed product. Headquartered in Sydney, 8common prides itself on having local employees to service your organisation. Our support, implementation consultants and development teams focus on delivering a solution to your exact organisational needs, working in tandem with your business systems and requirements.

expense8 ™ is a software product that allows organisations to manage their employee-generated expenses and corporate travel, through a simple and intuitive web browser-based user interface. expense8 is a rebranded version of a product called iCMS, which has existed since 1996 and contains a sophisticated set of functionality that has evolved across many years of feedback from a diverse range of clients.  It is a completely web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that will be able to manage all of the mass credit card, procurements cards and reimbursements that your users need to process. expense8 has over 20 years of experience in the Expense Management industry.

Expense Management – expense8 is tailored to your exact organisational needs, working in tandem with your business systems and requirements.

  • Easy to navigate dashboard – Our simple and intuitive user interface is designed with minimal button clicks, which lets you complete regular tasks in a matter of seconds
  • Integrated tax Wizards – Regardless of your taxation rules and requirements, our Tax Wizard automatically determines the tax applicability of expenses
  • Effortless Connectivity – Enforce valid combinations of ERP Codes, e.g. certain Account Codes matched with certain Cost Centres, without your employees knowing them in detail.

Corporate Travel – Our Corporate Travel module offers a unique Pre-Trip Approval function that lets your employees easily plan and book corporate travel

  • Travel Allowance calculator – Automatically calculate your employees’ travel allowance based on different parameters, such as destination and employee type.
  • Real Time data Access – expense8 ™ delivers accurate travel costs, allowing your employees to leverage real-time information when creating a trip for approval.
  • Easy & Secure Process – Managers are presented with sufficient, high-level, information, making it easy to approve your employees’ corporate travel.

expense8 provides services across a vast range of verticals, including Federal, State & Local Government, Financial Services & Banking, Education, FMCG, Real Estate, Medical Diagnostics/ Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Not for Profit, Manufacturing, Media, Retail, Engineering & Energy.

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