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San Mateo, CA
Year Founded
Web Based/Cloud
Software Type
Expenses Management
Accounts Payable

About This Software

Coupa was founded on the premise that it should be easy for people to help save their company money. Coupa sets itself apart from all of the other solutions in the market because it goes beyond just process automation that most solutions focus on. Only Coupa provides a true cloud SaaS environment that offers rapid deployment, reduced IT burden, and free quarterly product releases.

Key Customers: Subway, Toyota, Armstrong, Orbitz, Pandora, Salesforce, Coca Cola Consolidated

Awards: The Wall Street Journal Next Big Thing Award, Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Award, Procurement Leaders Award, Best in Biz Award, JMP Hot 100, PayStream Advisors P2P Excellence Award in Spend Management, AlwaysOn, On Demand Top 100 Award, TMC Labs Innovation Award

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