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Arlington, VA
Year Founded
Web Based/Cloud
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About This Software

Contraqer gives you insight and analytics to buy what you need to run your business, it interoperates with your other business systems and automates the entire process from initial requests through fulfillment.

Contraqer is a great fit for value-added resellers (VARs), maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) departments, and data center IT procurement. Use insight and analytics to negotiate better prices with historical price comparison, multiple quote compare and Amazon (or similar) price compare. Streamline operations with workflows, templates and document repository. Reconcile price, quantity, and payment & shipping terms across POs, invoices, and packing lists. Deploy the SaaS quickly and integrate easily with web services.

Key Customers: All About the Data (AATD), ABBA Tech, All Points, Alvarez & Associates, CSP Enterprises, Dell, FedBiz, IT Solutions, Grassland Dairy Products, InfoReliance, M2 Technology, RedHawk IT, SMS, Tribalco, Unistar, Sparco, V3 Gate, VT Group, Water Lens, Westwind

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