Purchase Order Management for Accounts Payables

Exploring Purchase Order (PO) Automation Software for Organizations With Informal Procurement Processes

In a best-case scenario, purchase order (PO) management should be conducted by a well-staffed and efficient procurement department that oversees all indirect goods and services purchasing processes. But what if an organization does not have a formal procurement department, as is the case with some small and mid-sized organizations? In these cases, PO management often falls to the accounts payable (AP) team, impacting their ability to properly manage their existing payment-related activities.

One way to handle this unique problem is to implement an AP management solution with a built in PO management tool, which helps AP teams that manage some procurement processes without sacrificing the efficiency of their own invoice and payment tasks.

This whitepaper is intended for organizations or companies without formal procurement teams, with the goal of empowering AP departments to handle key procurement processes.

What you will learn:

  • Procurement Management Trends Among North American Organizations
  • Procurement Management Trends Among Organizations with Informal or Non-Existent
  • Procurement Structures
  • The Value of PO-Management Software for Accounts Payable (AP) Teams
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