Payables Automation for Healthcare
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Payables Automation for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is changing in many ways, and in order for healthcare organizations to operate successfully in an ever-evolving space, their finance processes must be streamlined, efficient, and capable of keeping pace with changing market conditions. Accounts Payable (AP) departments are expected to do their part to rein in costs and boost efficiency, but often struggle to maintain timely supplier payments, strong supplier relationships, and compliance with regulations.

One way of improving healthcare finance process efficiency in the back office is to implement payables automation software, which includes AP and electronic payments (ePayments) solutions. These tools are built to support the unique needs and overcome the particular struggles of organizations in the healthcare industry.

This whitepaper explores a few ways healthcare organizations can improve their back-office processes with an advanced electronic payables solution.


What you will learn:

– The Current State of AP and Payments Management Among Healthcare Organizations
– AP and Payments Automation Adoption Trends Among Healthcare Organizations
– Features and Services Available With Healthcare-Focused Payables Automation Software

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