Title: How to Optimize Expense Management

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Duration: 60 minutes

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Automating expense reporting is one of the most important ways to control costs in the back office, and the travel and expense management (TEM) software options that enable companies to do this are plentiful. However, to truly optimize the expense reporting process in accordance with an organization’s unique business environment requires more than a quick solution pick and implementation. Instead of taking a “band-aid” approach with a generic software tool, organizations should use strategic best practices for both improving current expense reporting processes and for selecting a TEM solution.

This webinar is for companies that want to truly understand what it takes to align expense reporting with operational and structure goals for long last cost control, increased employee productivity, and higher savings. The webinar discusses how leading organizations digitalize and optimize expense management across different business structures, revenue segments, and industries, and it will allow attendees to benchmark their own environments against those leaders. Co-hosted by TEM software specialist, Coupa, the webinar leverages data from PayStream’s upcoming 2018 Travel and Expense Management report, as well as Coupa’s years of experience in expense reporting optimization.

Attendees will learn about:
• Expense reporting management trends among North American businesses
• How to promote expense efficiency through mobile applications
• How to leverage travel and expense intelligence in supplier negotiations
• How to configure TEM software in accordance unique business needs


Anna Barnett
Research Associate
PayStream Advisors

Anna Barnett is an expert in several facets of financial automation software, including eProcurement, Sourcing, Contract Management, Human Resources Management, eInvoicing, and Invoice Workflow. She is also experienced in the organizational procedures and application of software in several specific industries, including Healthcare, Higher Education, and Non-profit institutions. Anna has extensive experience in research-based analytical writing and editing, as well as sales and marketing experience.

Sunny Manivannan
VP, Enterprise Segment and Product Marketing
Coupa Software

Sunny Manivannan is vice president of product marketing at Coupa Software. Prior to Coupa, Sunny was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and an aerospace engineer at General Electric. Sunny holds a BS in mechanical engineering and mathematics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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