Modern Travel Booking

Identifying Leading Travel Booking Management Tools and Strategies

As the global business community becomes more widespread, intersectional, and competitive, business travel is key to initiating and fostering client relationships and improving a company’s competitive standing. However, if travel and expense spend is mismanaged, business travel can become costlier than it is worth.

One way that companies try to improve control over travel spend is by implementing stronger guidelines over how employees book travel. This involves leveraging online booking tools (OBTs) to support business travelers and streamline travel booking without sacrificing any control over the booking process.

This report is for companies looking for a leading booking tool that will enable them to fully control and optimize their travel spend. It includes:

• Modern Travel Booking Management Trends Among North American Organizations

• Features and Functionality of Online Booking Tools (OBTs)

• Best Practices for Managing an Automated Travel Booking Program

• Additional Strategies for Improving Travel Booking After OBT Adoption

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