Guide to Sourcing Automation

Sourcing helps procurement teams evaluate and engage high-value suppliers, acquire high quality goods and services at competitive prices, and build strategic contracts with suppliers based off engagements. The sourcing process can be used in procuring all types of goods and services, but PayStream has found that not all organizations understand the real value in automating their sourcing process with electronic sourcing (eSourcing) technology. Sometimes, organizations that do not fit the mold of companies that would traditionally need sourcing teams and software tools (e.g., those with high direct spend, or supply chain reliance) don’t feel they would benefit from a sourcing solution.

This report offers a close look at the value of sourcing automation for any company. It seeks to break down some of the misconceptions around who should or should not adopt eSourcing technology, and to show that sourcing technology has value not only in terms of improving direct procurement but in improving indirect procurement as well.

Q1 2018 | Featuring insights on…

  • Sourcing Management Trends Among North American Organizations
  • The Varied Goals of Direct and Indirect Sourcing
  • Features and Functionality of Indirect eSourcing Software
  • Indirect Sourcing Best Practices
  • A Leading Sourcing Automation Software Provider
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