Gaining Buy-In for Procurement Automation

How to Evaluate and Address the Need for Electronic Procurement (eProcurement) in an Organization

Automating procurement is a great way to achieve company-wide savings and improve efficiency—but achieving these benefits requires more than simply picking out an electronic procurement (eProcurement) solution. It entails gaining enthusiastic buy-in from all internal stakeholders to ensure long-run success and ROI. It also requires strategically aligning current procurement processes with automation technology. This whitepaper highlights the cost savings possible with eProcurement software and illustrates some strategies organizations can use to prepare internal teams for automation.

What you will learn:

– Procurement Automation Adoption Trends
– The Cost of Manual Procurement Processes
– How to Leverage Procurement Automation According to Current State Conditions
– Strategies for Gaining Internal Buy-In for eProcurement Adoption

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