The C-Suite’s Guide to Successful Accounts Payable Transformation

Change Management Strategies for Implementing Accounts Payable (AP) Automation Software

When it comes to choosing and implementing an AP solution in their back office, many organizations struggle with knowing where to start. Some decision makers may be concerned that the cost, time, and effort required to implement AP automation software will not be
worth the investment.

This is especially true when it comes to higher-level executives, who may be unclear as to how to successfully shift an AP department from paper to electronic invoices without harmfully disrupting the current state.

AP automation initiatives are much more successful when those in upper management and executive roles have the proper tools and strategies at their disposal. A change management approach to AP transformations ensures more control around project budgeting, timelines, and the software implementation’s impact on current processes.

With the proper change management strategy and the right AP solution, organizations will have more streamlined implementation, employee satisfaction, and long-term efficiency and ROI benefits. The following report offers a guide to strategic AP automation transformation for C-suite-level decision makers.

What you will learn:
• AP Management Trends
• The Benefits of AP Automation Adoption
• Potential AP Transformation Scenarios
• AP Change Management Best Practices

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