2018 Procurement Insight Report

Exploring the Value of Consolidating Spend with Electronic Procurement

According to PayStream’s latest research, the majority of organizations are managing their procurement under manual processes or with inefficient, outdated technology. Considering the typical purchasing process—involving complex approval workflows, different budgets, thousands of suppliers and supplier contracts, mountains of data, and millions of dollars of spend—organizations are sacrificing a great deal of control and savings in their spend management process under a manual current state.

One of the best ways to fix the problems of manual procurement management is to improve visibility into all purchasing activity with holistic, cloud-based eProcurement software—one that is flexible enough to work with and for the strategic goals of the Procurement team and the organization as a whole. This research report offers an introduction the value of eProcurement software for those organizations actively seeking to gain more control over their spend.

Readers will learn about…

  • Current Trends in Procurement Processes
  • Features of Leading Electronic Procurement (eProcurement) Software Suites
  • eProcurement Adoption Best Practices
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