2017 Travel and Expense Management Report

Exploring the Value and Use Case of Leading Travel and Expense Management (TEM) Automation Software

The travel and expense management (TEM) solution is one of the most effective and popular tools for reducing travel and expense-related costs and gaining more control over spend. PayStream’s research indicates that over half of North American businesses have adopted a TEM solution. Unfortunately, many companies still resist expense reporting automation, and these organizations experience higher costs, more frequent reporting errors, and lower employee morale than companies with TEM software.

This report is for companies that are still hesitant to adopt TEM software. It illustrates the sharp contrast between manual and automated expense reporting, and highlights the benefits of automation software.

This report includes:

• Current Expense Management Trends Among North American Organizations

• Benefits of Automating Expense Management Processes

• Features and Functionality of Leading TEM Solutions

• Strategies for Overcoming TEM Adoption Barriers

• A Few Leading TEM Solution Providers

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