2017 Enterprise Content Management Report

Strengthening Data Management in a Modern Business Environment

Organizations have many priorities when it comes to managing their operations, including maintaining control over their various back-office processes and related information. Maintaining control over business data is becoming increasingly important and increasingly more difficult, especially as companies transition toward digital methods of storing and sharing their information. In light of all of the various data formats involved, this transition can be an enormous and overwhelming endeavor. Not only are organizations faced with the difficulty of using one standard process to manage and store many types of data, they are also subjecting their business information to the risk of cyber-security breaches.

Despite these and other challenges, it is vital to ensure the integrity of sensitive company information in a controlled and dynamic way. In order to do this successfully, organizations can use enterprise content management (ECM) technology. ECM software is used to capture, store, and manage important business content in a secure digital environment, allowing organizations to build uniform methods for handling a variety of content. This report explores leading ECM functionalities and provides a guide to help organizations make educated buying decisions.

This report includes:

  • The use case and value of ECM software across an organization’s many back-office processes and data formats
  • A high-level overview of how ECM software helps to simplify and streamline data management
  • A buyer’s guide to selecting the most suitable ECM software
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