2018 Technology Innovation Awards Nominations



The annual PayStream Advisors Innovation Awards are for vendors that deliver especially intuitive, useful, and progressive features. This survey is the first step in the consideration process. If your submission is selected for further review you will be asked to demo the innovation described in less than 30 minutes.

Take the survey here: 2018 PayStream Vendor Survey


Submission deadline is Friday, August 24th


Each vendor can submit up to three (3) nominations for consideration. This survey must be complete, in its entirety, for each submission. Finalist will be notified in September.


  1. Who is submitting the nomination?
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Title
    4. Company Name
    5. Address
    6. Email
    7. Phone Number
    8. URL


  1. Which categories apply to this submission? (Up to 3)
    1. Sourcing
    2. Contract Management
    3. Procurement
    4. Accounts Payable
    5. Payments
    6. Travel & Expense
    7. Working Capital (Dynamic Discounting & Supply Chain Finance)
    8. Other (Write in)


  1. Submission Details – Details provided on this page may be released publically
    1. Company Description (up to 150 words)
    2. Innovative feature(s)/product description. (up to 300 words)
    3. Client use case / case study 1. (up to 300 words)
    4. [Optional] Client use case / case study 2. (up to 300 words)
    5. [Optional] Up to 5 supporting links (Press releases, announcements, articles, videos, etc.)
    6. [Optional] Additional comments (up to 300 words)


Questions to: Major.Bottoms@paystreamadvisors.com / 980-278-3065 ext. 132

Survey URL: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4488043/2018-Technology-Innovation-Award-Nominations

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