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Accounts Payable

epayments software
What We Can Learn From ePayments Innovators
Word is clearly out on the benefits of ePayments. 72 percent of the AP professionals we surveyed recently reported that they are actively seeking to increase their company’s use of electronic payments. We also asked respondents to self-select their company’s technology adoption behaviors, then used that data to group them into three categories: Innovators, Mainstream Adopters, …

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Data Capture Technology
Three Ways to Implement Data Capture Technology
While the only true solution to the problems of manual-based invoice processing is found through the elimination of paper, there are a few different ways that companies can accomplish this. We’ve identified three primary methods companies can use to effectively implement data capture technology. The most cost-effective method will greatly depend on size, industry, and business structure. Related: Registration …

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"In the fast-moving global energy sector, the most competitive organizations are the ones that adopt innovative tools early"

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Leveraging P2P Optimization in the Energy Sector
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2016 Data Capture and Mailrooms Technology Insight Report
Accounts Payable departments often face multiple sources of inefficient processes and high costs, but the prevailing problem among most organizations is a heavy reliance on paper. PayStream has found that while the leading cause of AP pains is heavy paper volume, the majority of organizations still use manual, paper-based processing for most of their B2B activity

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paperless invoicing
Three Steps to a Successful Transition to Paperless Invoicing
In order to enable organizations to successfully select and implement a paperless invoicing in their AP department and beyond, the following steps are recommended for companies to manage change before and during the transition. 1. Outline the most suitable invoice management process. This entails examining the current internal invoice processing structure. Organizations should take into …

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financial strategist
Redefining AP: Your Role as a Financial Strategist
As the process owner for Accounts Payable (AP), you need to think like a strategist. Up to 40 percent of organizations are still heavily dependent on manual, paper-based payables processes, mostly due to companies’ neglect of back-office projects in favor or customer-facing initiatives. But innovative organizations have managed to not only implement new technology to streamline …

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The Ultimate Guide to eSourcing Technology
eSourcing at a Glance Electronic sourcing (eSourcing) automates sourcing activities and enhances existing sourcing operations, strengthening buyer and supplier relationships and ensuring more efficient purchasing. From online platforms, organizations can access interactive sourcing events, competitive bidding, and optimized supplier selection. The systems also evaluate existing transaction and supplier information to improve future sourcing and procurement …

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"What is the relationship between budgeting and procurement at your organization? In many cases, procurement activities take place independently"

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Budget-Centric Purchasing: Eliminate Rogue Spend
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2016 Contract Lifecycle Management Report
In any industry and for companies of any size, the key to a successful Business-to-Business (B2B) relationship is the efficient management of all relating information. This information includes not only supplier and payment data, but also the history of the relationship, the expectations of both parties, and the interaction’s critical legal and business requirements. The most efficient way to handle B2B information

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Contract Management
Contract Lifecycle Management: Solutions and Benefits
In preparation for the publication of our 2016 Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) report, due out tomorrow, we’ve compiled a brief guide to the CLM process, which includes a list of what to look for when selecting CLM software. This guide is a great starting point for organizations looking to bring more security and precision to the contract lifecycle. …

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guy screen data
Unlocking the Critical Business Value Within Contracts
“Make fair agreements, and stick to them.” – Confucius This directive is fairly straightforward, but as many sourcing and procurement professionals know, following this excellent business advice can be anything but simple. The contract management process is akin to herding cats in most organizations, given the wide array of stakeholders involved, each with their own specific requirements and timelines. …

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Budgeting for eProcurement Software
eProcurement software is one of the most important tools for automating purchasing and financial processes. In order for it to bring optimal value to spend control efforts, it must include one critical element: the integration of budget management. Budget management can make or break a company; without strict adherence to a budget’s limits, an organization

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Expense Management

employee fraud
Preventing Employee Fraud in Expense Management
In today’s fast-paced, globalized market, organizations are under increasing pressure to become more productive and efficient. Many companies have tried to reduce back-office costs and manage financial processes more efficiently as a means of maintaining their competitive edge. However, for organizations in all industries, one of the hardest costs to control is employee spend

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"Expense fraud is ubiquitous across organizations large and small. News headlines remind us that no one is immune – even top executives can be guilty"

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Expense Fraud: What Were They Thinking?
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The Surprising Profile of The Average Corporate Expense Fraudster
A slight ‘exaggeration’ of a tip left for a waiter at dinner with clients. A little bit of ’rounding up’ when you turn in your mileage report after a business trip. These expense claim fibs often seem isolated and fairly harmless to the employees that commit them. But in fact, these and other types of fraud …

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"The reality is that in many organizations, the expense reporting process desperately needs to catch up to changing travel habits"

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Redefining Corporate Travel: The New Normal in TEM
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corporate travel
Sharing Economy Services Shake Up Corporate Travel
One of our partners and provider of cloud-based travel and expense management software, Certify, today announced the results of its third annual SpendSmart™ report for the fourth quarter and full year 2015. The report found that for the first time, ride-hailing giant Uber overcame car rental as a percent of total national ground transportation in Q4. Prior …

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An Industry First for Travel and Expense Management: The Latest Navigator
Today PayStream is officially announcing the release of our Travel and Expense Management NavigatorTM report. Similar to other ranking reports, it provides a comparative analysis of software solutions, weighing strengths, differentiators, and weaknesses. However, the TEM Navigator report represents an industry first, being the only one of its kind to focus exclusively on expense report automation and …

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