Upcoming Webinar: Harnessing the Power of AR Optimization

Posted On January 27, 2015 by Justin Combs

Accounts Receivable (AR) organizations are increasingly faced with the challenge of doing more with less as resources shrink and financial processes speed up. There are more clients to manage, more invoices to t ...

Ariba Ranked Among World’s Best Supply Chain Finance Providers

Posted On January 22, 2015 by Justin Combs

At PayStream Advisors, we are continually impressed with the achievements of our innovative partners. One such accomplishment has just come to our attention, and we're excited to share it with our audience. For ...

SciQuest Gains a Promising New CTO

Posted On January 21, 2015 by Anna Barnett

PayStream has just learned of a big announcement from one of our partners, SciQuest: Beth Hendriks will be joining the company as its new chief technology officer. Hendriks is coming to SciQuest from EMC, the ...


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2014 IWA Benchmark Report

Published On December 18, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

Our 2014 IWA Bechmark Report sheds light on recent industry advancements in the IWA software landscape, helps P2P professionals understand the benefits and best practices for such technologies, and serves as a guide for selecting the best solution to meet their organization's needs.

P2P for Financial Service Professionals

Published On December 17, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

In today’s financial service industry, there is significant room for improvement in the time- and labor-intensive processing of business-to-business purchase orders and invoices. This report will focus on the benefits that an automation solution can bring to the P2P process for financial service providers.

2014 Microsoft Dynamics Report

Published On December 12, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is growing in popularity due to its short implementation process and high functionality. But its lack of key AP processing solutions presents some challenges. This report will shed light on usage trends as well as cloud solutions designed to enhance your company’s integration with the system.

Supplier Network Management

Published On November 25, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

The 2015 Supplier Network Management report delivers key insights on how to effectively manage a supplier base, the benefits of modern network management solutions, and key drivers for solution adoption.

2014 Global eInvoicing Report

Published On November 21, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

In the 2013 Global eInvoicing Report, PayStream Advisors’ research showed that the use of electronic invoicing was steadily growing among organizations throughout the world. This year, PayStream’s research results have reaffirmed these findings, showing that more governments and businesses are taking advantage of the benefits of eInvoicing networks in nearly all developed nations around the globe.

2014 P2P for SAP Report

Published On October 30, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

Through survey results from financial professionals across several industries, PayStream will explore market trends in the use of AP automation by SAP and non-SAP users, as well as how the prominent functionalities in today’s cloud-based financial software compare with SAP’s native business process applications. This report will also feature profiles of leading cloud-based solution providers.

2014 Invoice and Workflow Automation Report

Published On October 23, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

PayStream Advisors surveyed individuals employed in many different industries and compiled this data to reflect current attitudes towards and usage of IWA solutions. This 2014 Invoice Workflow Automation report analyzes survey results and market trends in order to provide a comprehensive look into today’s IWA software sphere.

Revenue Cycle Management

Published On October 15, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

PayStream research shows that collectors who utilize RCM automation are able to spend far less time on administrative duties such as prioritizing daily activities or preparing for calls, and spend a majority of their time communicating with customers, settling disputes, and other value-added tasks that result in lowering DSO, reducing overdue AR, and reducing bad debt

Automating P2P for Small to Medium Enterprises

Published On October 9, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

A few decades ago, as P2P automation emerged in the business world, the technology was used primarily by big corporate players. However, for businesses with fewer resources,tighter budgets, and more consolidated operations, these solutions were seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. New solutions are now available for small to medium-sized enterprises (SME)—those with annual revenues under $250 million.

Purchase to Pay in Higher Education

Published On October 2, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

In its electronic invoicing and invoice workflow automation surveys, PayStream Advisors polled a group of higher education executives and compared the findings with results from other industries and previous surveys. The 2014 survey revealed that by some measures, institutions of higher education are ahead of other industry sectors in automating processes.

2014 P2P for Oracle Report

Published On September 24, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

Through survey results from financial professionals across several industries, PayStream will explore market trends in the use of AP automation by Oracle and non-Oracle users, as well as how the prominent functionalities in today’s cloud-based financial software as they compare with Oracle’s native business process applications. This report will also feature profiles of leading cloud-based solution providers.

Healthcare ePayables 2014

Published On September 3, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

Four years after the Affordable Care Act passed there are still many uncertainties about how the law will be implemented. While many of the details of healthcare reform could change and alter how healthcare companies do business, there is one constant: cost pressures.

2014 eProcurement Report

Published On August 27, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

Electronic Procurement is coming of age. While many organizations have automated portions of their supply chain and accounts payables, purchasing processes especially for services is still under-managed. PayStream Advisors has prepared an eProcurement research guide that will address the importance of eProcurement for goods and services and examine the role that technology plays in both categories.

Supplier-Initiated EIPP: Impacting the Entire Invoicing and Payment Lifecycle

Published On August 21, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

This report will help to identify appropriate EIPP strategies and solutions by providing an in-depth overview of supplier initiated eInvoicing and payment solutions and their benefits, as well as profiles of six leading vendors in this space.

Reinventing Technology Spend Management

Published On August 6, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

This report will provide CFOs with a foundation to effectively analyze and influence IT spend — identifying the benefits of TBM applications, highlighting best practices, and listing things to consider when selecting a TBM provider.

A CFO's Guide to Human Resource Management Solutions

Published On July 30, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

This report provides valuable insights into emerging payroll technology and services that provide companies with the much needed relief from day-to-day administration processes. The report provides current payroll trends, statistics and a detailed view of current payroll outsourcing providers and their product/service offering.

A CFO’s Guide to eInvoicing in Latin America

Published On July 23, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

The primary objective of this report is to increase CFO’s awareness of the differing eInvoicing regulations within the larger Latin American markets: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. The secondary objective is to illuminate the various ways in which proper implementation solutions can improve operational efficiency and increase revenues by cutting costs.

Budgeting and Forecasting Report 2014

Published On July 16, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

This report is aimed at the growing number of companies that are looking for appropriate budget and forecasting solutions that can provide efficiency, visibility and control over their financial planning process.

2014 eInvoicing Benchmark Report

Published On July 9, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

This report illustrates the ins and outs of eInvoicing by evaluating some of the top functionalities found in today’s solutions, as well as introduces some of the leading solution providers that work to develop and enhance those functionalities.

Accounts Payable (AP) and Working Capital

Published On June 11, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

This PayStream Accounts Payable & Working Capital Report was developed as a resource for organizations actively exploring Working Capital solutions such as dynamic discounting platforms, electronic payment methods, and virtual payment cards.

Travel and Expense Management 2014

Published On April 8, 2014 by PayStream Advisors

This annual PayStream Advisors Travel and Expense Management Technology (TEM)Insight report provides a comparative look at the past two years and reveals TEM trends, as identified by finance and accounting professionals throughout the U.S.

Electronic Invoice Management 2014

Published On January 22, 2014 by

This report is for organizations with an active interest in eInvoicing who would benefit from an in-depth analysis of recent trends and solutions, in addition to profiles and case studies of leading Electronic Invoice solution providers.

Receivables Document Management

Published On December 4, 2013 by PayStream Advisors

PayStream analysts coined the term Receivables Document Management (RDM) to describe innovations in AR automation technology that create a paperless AR process. This report is a PayStream Advisors Technology Insight report focused on AR solutions that reduce the order-to-cash cycle and eliminate paper bottlenecks throughout an organization.

Guru Minute

Chrome River in the Solution Source

Check out what Henry Ijams has to say about Chrome River.

Purchase to Pay Academy

PayStream Advisors has developed the Purchase to Pay Academy, a certification program delivered via self-study using online educational components and case study moderated study groups.

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Harnessing the Power of AR Optimization

Join us February 12, 2015 at 2:00PM

Join Henry Ijams, managing director of PayStream Advisors, as he reviews current trends in accounts receivable (AR) automation, including advanced capabilities and how they can give your organization a competitive edge.

5 Ways to Revolutionize Your Travel & Expense Efficiency

Join us February 17, 2015 at 2:00PM

Join Henry Ijams, Managing Director of PayStream Advisors and Mark Oliver, Executive VP of Commercial Services at Apptricity, as they discuss results of our travel & expense survey. They’ll also give you an inside look at 2 very different Fortune 500 companies that are getting it right.



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