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Accounts Payable

supplier engagement
Why Koch Chose Infor for Investment
On Monday, I had the opportunity to sit down with Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, and Steve Feilmeier, Koch CFO at Infor’s annual user summit, Inforum. In February of this year, Koch invested more than $2 Billion in Infor—a move that left many of us wondering, why Infor…and why Koch? Yesterday w...

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Published July 13, 2017
Accounts Payable Success in the Mid-Market
Underwritten in part by: Stampli Featuring insights on: Accounts Payable Success in the Mid-Market Current Market Trends in AP Management Common Invoice Approval Workflow Pains Among Mid-Market Organizations Benefits of Interactive Invoice Management Software for Mid-Market Organizations Contents In...

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Published July 13, 2017
P2P Navigator
2017 Global AP Automation Report
Underwritten in part by: Coupa, SAP Ariba, Basware and Tradeshift Featuring insights on: Current Trends in Electronic Invoicing Around the World Global Invoicing Compliance Global AP Adoption Initiatives Global AP Automation Software Contents Introduction The Push for Global Automation The Case for...

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Published July 12, 2017

"Accounts payable automation software strengthens supplier relationships, uses company resources more effectively, and reduces business risk. However, when it comes to using the software on a global level, a misunderstanding or incomplete knowledge of local invoicing regulations can cost a company dearly in terms of legal fines and disruptions to their supply chain. In order …"

Live Webinar:
Ensuring International Business Success: How To Build Compliant and Efficient Global AP Processes
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procure-to-pay navigator webinar
Avid Exchange REVOLUTUTION Conference Recap
A few weeks ago, PayStream attended REVOLUTION, a user conference held by one of our research partners, AvidXchange. We heard a lot of exciting news that showcased not only the company’s innovative drive to expand their business, but also to connect with and nurture their local community. One piec...

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Published June 29, 2017
coupa inspire
Coupa Announces Launch of Open Buy with Amazon Business
Several of our team members here at PayStream attended the the annual Coupa Inspire conference in San Francisco last week, where Coupa made several strategic announcements...

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Published May 22, 2017


A Guide to eProcurement for the Utilities Industry
Underwritten in part by Paramount Workplace Featuring insights on: Current Market Trends in Procurement Processes Among Utilities Organizations The Benefits of Procurement Automation for Utilities Features and Functionalities of Leading eProcurement Solutions Contents Introduction Procurement in th...

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Published July 18, 2017

"Whereas direct spend categories have historically been closely scrutinized and savings squeezed to the point of diminishing returns, nearly all organizations have untapped savings opportunities across their indirect spend categories. However, indirect is a different animal than direct—indirect spend involves an eclectic mix of products and services with fragmented supply bases, high transactional activity, and …"

On-Demand Webinar:
Transforming Procure-to-Pay: The Direct Path to Indirect Cost Productivity
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5 Questions to Ask Internal Stakeholders Before Changing Your Source-to-Pay Process
This post was contributed by Deepesh Jethwani, Consultant at GEP Most of us, by default, are resistant to change once we are used to something. After a certain point, inertia kicks in and we sometimes resist change instead of adopting it for the good. The mind’s defense mechanism starts finding re...

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Published June 7, 2017
p2p for indirect spend
Key Takeaways from the Latest S2S Research
Very few companies have a fully automated Source-to-Settle (S2S) solution in place to manage spend holistically. PayStream’s most recent research shows that while many organizations have adopted individual solutions for parts of the spectrum, no vertical or revenue segment has surpassed an ad...

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Published June 5, 2017
nonprofit procurement
A Guide to eProcurement for the Non-Profit Industry
For non-profit organizations to stay financially and legally compliant with the regulations of their industry, all purchases and payments must be carefully tracked, and reported with complete accuracy and full disclosure...

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Published April 25, 2017
difference between sourcing procurement
What is the Difference Between Procurement and Sourcing?
The terms ‘procurement’ and ‘sourcing’ are often used in close association. This isn’t surprising, since the two functions share a strong interrelationship with an organization’s suppliers. But where does one end and the other begin...

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Published April 7, 2017

Expense Management

"The end of the corporate card era is looming. Business – from booking to buying to expensing to reporting – is about to become a seamless virtual experience that is both more secure and more efficient. This panel peaks into the crystal ball at the coming cardless age, where expense reporting happens automatically as expenses …"

On-Demand Webinar:
The Late, Great Corporate Card: How Technology is Changing Business Travel
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expense management metrics cost per expense report
Expense Management Metrics: Cost Per Expense Report
When building a business case for expense reporting automation or measuring ROI of an existing expense report management solution, there is simply no better tool to have in your arsenal...

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Published May 1, 2017

"Business travelers now demand to be able to do everything on the road simply and quickly, without having to put down their mobile devices. In order to effectively support the modern workforce, mobility has become as increasingly essential part of any organization’s travel and expense technology strategy. This webinar looks at how mobile technology can …"

On-Demand Webinar:
Six Ways Mobility is Transforming Your T&E Strategy
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Key Takeaways from Concur Fusion—A Look at Where the Travel and Expense Management Leader Is Going in 2017
Last week, the PSA team attended Concur’s annual conference to see what new innovations they were releasing, and how they are maintaining their position as the TEM market leader. We were able to gain insights through several keynote lectures, break-out sessions, and from the Analyst Q&A session...

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Published March 27, 2017

"Even the most carefully crafted travel and expense management policies can be susceptible to employee fraud. This is especially true for organizations that rely on manual expense report submission processes. Join our upcoming webinar with Anna Barnett of PayStream Advisors and Brian De Leon of Chrome River as they review the latest research on expense fraud and how to …"

On-Demand Webinar:
Mitigate Expense Fraud to Affect the Bottom Line
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"Do your employees have bad habits when it comes to travel spend? Do you wonder if there are areas where simple modifications to your policy could reduce costs"

On-Demand Webinar:
Uncovering the Employee T&E Spend Trends of 2017
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